Aug 13 2011

Errbody be Drinking MTN Dew

Aside from Hanes and their wealth of spokespeople from various races and creeds, does any brand appeal to larger demographic of people than Mountain Dew? With that question, I pose a follow up question, does anything ruin more teeth than Mountain Dew? I’m no dentist so I won’t venture into the second question, but I’m intrigued by the sheer diversity of Mountain Dew drinkers.

College kids

White people

Black people

Asian people

Indians, both kinds

The entire Appalachia populace

Nascar Drivers

People who do extreme stuff


Chuck Norris

People with little-to-no teeth

People with teeth

The visually impaired

    I’d say that pretty much covers everyone even though I’ve noticed old people don’t do the Dew. I’m not sure why and Google wasn’t much help either, but I think it’s because Ensure has the market cornered.